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Gray Ghost Inn To Host Humanism Program in October

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Exploring HumanismThe annual six day Humanism Program “Exploring Humanism: A Philosophy For Living” returns to the Gray Ghost Inn this October under the able tutelage of Fred Edwords of the American Humanist Association.  Read on for all the details and a link to the registration page.

A Philosophy for Living

October 23–28, 2022

This comprehensive program will explore humanist ideas, the background of the humanist movement, and current expressions of the philosophy. But it will also go beyond these to discuss how an important and positive ethical outlook can grow out of stepping beyond traditional faith. Using the tools of critical thinking, science, and aesthetics, it will shed light on the important philosophical and social issues of our time and offer better ways to live our personal lives. October 23–October 28, 2022

Instructor: Fred Edwords

Location: Gray Ghost Inn in Southern Vermont

Registration: (fee required) 221236144204038