Gray Ghost Inn Welcomes Pets

Carina with PuppyWe at the Gray Ghost Inn are aware of the unique needs and issues that come with running a Pet Friendly Inn. To better serve all of our guests, we have designated certain rooms for guests with pets. For our guests with pets, we have established the following policies:

  • Upon check-in all pets must be registered. Registration states that the guest is taking full personal and financial responsibility for their pet and will obey all of our pet policies.
  • Pets may be left alone in your room for short durations (less than four hours).
  • Guest must inform front desk when leaving pet unattended with contact information and estimated return time.
  • If there are any noise issues (excessive barking) due to pet, guest agrees to come back to remedy the situation.
  • Pet owners are responsible and liable for any damages or clean-up costs incurred to the room including lost revenue due to the room being out of service.
  • Two pets limit per room. There is a $20 pet charge.
  • All pets must be on a leash when entering and exiting the Inn. Pets must be on a leash in the Inn but are permitted to be off leash in the fenced in backyard.
  • No pets allowed in the dining room during breakfast.
  • Please do not allow pets on the beds.

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