The Attractions of Dover

The Gray Ghost Inn provides an ideal base from which to get out into Vermont and explore. However, visitors need not venture far to experience the best that the state has to offer. Dover itself has plenty of great attractions and wonderful sights – all of which are right on the Gray Ghost’s doorstep. From stunning scenery to action-packed adventure weekends, mouthwatering meals to fascinating museums, quirky cultural traditions to sophisticated amenities, vacationers can easily find plenty to occupy themselves without ever straying far from the limits of the town.

Good Food

One very popular food vendor is the Sticky Fingers Bakery, located on Route 100 not far from the Gray Ghost Inn. This specializes in mouthwateringly delicious home-baked goods, from glazed deserts, sumptuous pastries, and wonderfully moist cakes to soft, delicious breads and savories. Due to the exquisite nature of its produce, this bakery is a very popular destination, so it’s worth calling ahead to book and ensure that they do not run out of your favorite! If you’re looking for an evening meal out, however, you could do a lot worse than to book yourself a table at the Deerhill Inn. With truly splendid views over Mount Snow and the gorgeous Vermont countryside, all the way to the glorious Green Mountains in the distance, this is the perfect spot to take in the awe-inspiring surroundings in comfort and style. The staff are welcoming, and the food utterly sublime. A log fire crackles cozily in winter, while in summer visitors can bask with a glass of wine and good food at outdoor benches.

Adventure Beckons

People wanting a more adrenaline-packed experience could take part in a Mount Snow Snowmobile Tour. This company are well-established, and have an excellent safety record so participants need not fear for their safety. Snowmobiling has been proven to have a range of benefits both physical and mental, including being effective in combatting Seasonal Affective Disorder. So if you are afflicted by the winter blues, a snowmobile trip to see the stunning sights of Mount Snow could be just the thing for you! Alternatively, those who like to test themselves could undertake the Green Mountain Adventure Challenge – for which the Gray Ghost Inn makes an ideal base. Challenge participants are told a story which leads them to a clue, which could be anything from a crumbling letter to an ancient treasure map. This leads on to more clues, which eager detectives must track down through the wonderful Vermont landscape until they find the end of the story, the solution to any unanswered questions – and possibly a cash prize… This challenge can take a couple of days to complete, so you are advised to leave plenty of time for it! As with any vacation, particularly one where you’re planning to partake in various activities, it’s always wise to ensure you’re covered for any eventuality by having a suitable insurance policy in place. You’ll probably never need it, but it will help put your mind at rest in case any unforeseen circumstances occur.

The Great Outdoors

Vermont is famed for its outdoor landscapes and wealth of outdoor pursuits. Visitors to Dover will find no shortage of options with which to quench a thirst for nature. For example, Skyline Overlook at Hogback Mountain provides stunning 100 mile plus views over the soaring wilds of Vermont. The mountains provide a great range of trails and parks in which to hike, paddle, wander, and generally enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. For those who wish to learn more about the environment, the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum has committed itself to fostering a love of the natural world in upcoming generations. This it achieves superbly, through a combination of one of the largest displays of American fauna in New England combined with live animals and examples of geology, ecology, and various other aspects of natural history, which comprise an extremely comprehensive collection while remaining engaging and enjoyable. It’s a fascinating place to visit, and will undoubtedly leave visitors both junior and senior feeling invigorated with a sense of wonder in the world we live in.

A Great Experience

All in all, Dover provides a positive cornucopia of fantastic experiences for the eager traveler. The area’s main draw is undoubtedly the stunning mountains and breathtaking scenery, but Dover is not short of urban attractions either. The Gray Ghost Inn will always ensure you a fabulous welcome and take care of you with the utmost diligence during your stay, and will be more than happy to help you decide which of Dover’s many attractions you will be visiting today!

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Contributor:  Sue C. Marshall